Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ron Paul: US Government is more dangerous than Wikileaks.

I like it when the reporter rudely interrupted, Ron Paul and said "US Government has not claimed responsibility for that" referring to the fact that Amazon, Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, all has taken adverse actions against Wikileaks. Well, I think we all know that these actions were taken only after intense pressure from the United States Government. According to a UK website, The Guardian, Paypal even hinted at the fact that they suspended Wikileaks account only after the Government told Paypal that "Wikileaks was involved in illegal activities".
PayPal's vice-president of platform, Osama Bedier, told an internet conference the site had decided to freeze WikiLeaks' account on 4 December after government representatives said it was engaged in illegal activity. "On November 27th, the state department, the US government basically, wrote a letter saying that the WikiLeaks' activities were deemed illegal in the United States and as a result our policy group had to make the decision of suspending the account," Bedier said. He added: "We ... comply with regulations around the world, making sure that we protect our brand."
The link to the full article from The Guardian website.

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