Thursday, December 2, 2010

WikiLeaks a Terrorist Organization?

This is according to several people in the media and the government calling Wikileaks founder Juillan Assange a Terrorist and the website he runs a Terrorist Organization. Seriously, have we all gone mad??? If this was the New York Times publishing the leaked documents, would we have the "Candice Miller" types screaming from her podium "SHUT IT DOWN, SHUT IT DOWN, IT"S TIME TO SHUTDOWN THIS TERRORIST ORGANIZATION"? Hmm, an interesting question to ponder.

Let me state, that Wikileaks is no different than any other Newspaper or other Media organization and is protected by the First Amendment. I think Rep. Candice Miller must have been sick, the day they taught the "Bill of Rights" in school.

Miller, needs to resign her seat, if she does not want to uphold the Constitution, that she swore to protect.

Also, in yet another stunning example of Big Government abusing it's power, Amazon due to pressures of Sen. Joe Lieberman and other government officials ceased hosting the Wikileaks website.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Video: Candice Miller screaming on the House Floor "Shut It down, Shut It Down"

Here's a link to a Fox News article claiming that WikiLeaks is indeed a Terrorist Organization.

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